Natural, with Depth

There are ways to enhance natural-finished concrete ...

Natural, with Depth
20 November 2017 Posted in ,

Right, you read our recent article “Let’s Go Natural”, and you’re keen to increase the exposure of your concrete. What, you haven’t read the article? No excuses! Here’s the link!
The thing about natural concrete is that it does tend to be flat and grey. The architect won’t always get opportunity to express their creativity in curves or other eye-catching design shapes. Client budgets usually ride high in the list of project priorities.

However … there’s more than one way to add visual interest!

By using NOE decorative form liners, you can visually enhance exposed concrete surfaces.

  • Create decorative facades at economical cost.
  • Match up with existing brick or stonework in neighbouring buildings.
  • Apply a timber look, without the cost or ecological impact of using real timber.
  • Decorate interior concrete cores and lift shafts.

USE A NATURAL MATERIAL TO MAKE A CONCRETE FEATURE … avoid using extra materials for features, which add monetary and environmental cost to projects.
There are around 100 standard NOE patterns in several design types.
Textured concrete ‘interacts’ with changes in natural and artificial light, adding depth and character to an otherwise bare surface.

AND … drum roll …

We can do custom designs! Company logo? Social motif? Contextual design? You’d be surprised what’s possible.

Another thing

Maybe you intend to paint or colourise the concrete anyway. There’s nothing to stop you using texture as well. Think about the added visual impact. This is particularly true of large tilt slab walls, where colour alone will not alleviate the banal flatness.

So get in touch!

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