Cost-Effective Concrete Maintenance?

What are the challenges?

Cost-Effective Concrete Maintenance?

If you have the responsibility of maintaining a concrete structure, you may already have seen that concrete deteriorating. Concrete remediation can be challenging and expensive.

Let’s talk about underlying causes

Concrete deterioration, other than structural failure or movement, can almost entirely be linked back to one source: moisture-borne contamination.
Markham adding life to concrete
Concrete is innately porous, despite everyone’s best efforts. This is because water, escaping during the curing stage, creates bleed pores and avenues through the concrete.
Markham adding life to concrete
These pores become an avenue for moisture back into the concrete; and moisture carries dissolved reactants such as chlorides or sulphates, encouraging chemical reactions in the concrete plus corrosion of the reinforcing steel. The resulting cracks exacerbate the issue – a cycle of premature deterioration has begun.
Markham adding life to concrete
That’s a very simplistic overview, and there’s usually more than one element of deterioration occurring at a time.

Car park floor slab cracking

Let’s talk about timely maintenance

There’s a very helpful diagram originated by Kyösti Tuutti of Lund University, Sweden, that illustrates the urgency of dealing with deterioration. Here’s a simple version, showing the initiation phase and the ‘propagation’ deterioration phase. Notice that at the final point, the structure has ended its working life.

Tuutti damage model graph
Tuutti damage model graph

And now, let’s talk about an effective response

There is an advanced solution. AQURON penetrating hydrogel treatments are available to arrest the deterioration and extend that service life – if applied early. With this in mind, we’ve modified the graph slightly, to demonstrate that if treatment is applied in the initiation phase – that’s well before the damages are severe or obvious – then the service life can be significantly extended.
Think about what this means for long-term cost savings!
Markham adding life to concrete
AQURON treatments immobilise moisture, converting it to a hydrogel within the porosity of the concrete. This prevents the entrance of movement of moisture – and moisture-borne contamination.
Markham adding life to concrete
AQURON treatments can become the key to cost-effective pro-active maintenance.
AQURON treatments can also assist as part of remediation works, sealing cracks up to 0.5mm, preventing incipient anode formation, and enhancing the longevity of the repairs.

Modified Tuutti damage model showing influence of early penetrating treatment
Modified Tuutti damage model showing the influence of early penetrating treatment
An ageing concrete pier shows severe steel corrosion caused by internal deterioration due to chloride or contaminant attack

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